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There are 60,000 agents/brokers in South Florida, but only one of them sat down to reveal insider tips to help you secure the best broker around and make sure you know the lay of the land.

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Quit Claim Deeds? No Thanks!

Be very careful to accept a property by way of a quit claim deed. This is one easy way to scam a buyer who is looking for a short cut and to save on closing costs. My advice... don't!

When you buy into a condo or home owner Association, you sometimes have to encounter abusive Board members. Organizing is smart! 

Not All Leases Make It To The End.

Unfortunately there comes a time when a tenant has to break the lease. What's the best way to handle it? Well, this is what I have learned over the years and it might save you the aggravation.

Driveways Can Be A Tricky Thing...

Who doesn't like a nice driveway that extends out to the street? Thing is however, you just might be responsible for the street that touches your driveway, even though you don't own the street!

The Truth About Collection Agencies!

Hopefully you'll never have to find yourself dealing with collection companies. But if you do, take a good listen to what I have learned and you just might rethink your business strategies!

Not All Cities Are Created Equally!

It simply blows my mind how differently city's approach real estate investors and their efforts to rehabilitate properties. They can vary completely from one spectrum to the other. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Don't Let Bulk Waste Get Out Of Control!

Too many times I've had to deal with waste being dumped on my property... well the right of way, which isn't my property! But the City seems to think otherwise. Please take a good listen from my experience and save yourself the headache.

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Avoid Jail By Knowing This Tip!

As an owner or landlord of a property, pay particular attention to the locks on the doors. Having the wrong type of locks can prove to be a serious liability. Learn how to avoid this by clicking on the video.

Why A Checklist Is Necessary.

Before you sign off on a project, be sure to have a proper walk-thru that is complimented by a thorough checklist. That's the time to cross your t's and dot the i's. A wise precaution.

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